Dr. Qu is an Associate Professor in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department of SUNY-Buffalo. His interests are in Proteomics and Pharmaceutical Analysis and their applications in pharmaceutical and clinical research.  His research programs in the proteomic field involve: i) High-resolution and large-scale expression profiling of pathological proteomes (e.g. for cardiovascular diseases, colon cancer and infectious diseases, HIV, COPD, etc.) for the discovery of disease/drug-effect biomarkers by gel-free LC/MS methods; ii) Sensitive identification, localization and quantification of post-translational modifications in complex proteomes, with the emphases on arginine methylation and phosphorylation. Novel anti-PTM-peptides capture procedure and alternating collision induced dissociation (CID)/electron transferring dissociation (ETD) are employed to obtain abundant PTM information; iii) Targeted quantification of protein drugs and biomarkers for clinical study. Dr. Qu’s lab possesses many state-of-the-art LC/MS instruments, including a high resolution/accuracy LTQ/Orbitrap ELITE with ETD, a highly sensitive TSQ Quantum Ultra EMR triple-quadrupole instrument, ultra-high pressure nano-LC systems, and HPLC instruments for pre-fraction and ion chromatography. A number of key analytical advances have been developed by his lab that greatly enhanced drug discovery and development processes. He has been actively collaborating with Athenex since 2010 using cutting-edge proteomics and LC/MS techniques for in-depth investigation of the mechanisms of actions of Athenex compounds.