Athenex is an innovative global pharmaceutical company committed to researching, developing, manufacturing, and delivering the highest quality sterile injectable and compounded sterile 503B products in accordance with cGMP standards. Our quest for innovation brings unique presentations to the US market, and our commitment to excellence drives us to meet the highest possible standards.

Commitment to Excellence

Athenex follows one standard of excellence for everything we do. Innovative product design and labeling, cGMP manufacturing operations, and a customer experience focused ordering portal are just some of the ways we set a standard for quality and supply reliability. This high level of performance provides the basis for partnerships designed to meet our shared objective of patient safety.


Products You Can Depend On

Our sterile injectable products are manufactured with patient safety at the top of mind, and they all feature the bold packaging and labeling that allows clinicians to see them clearly and ‘pick them right.’

Our diversified relationships with trusted global partners provide a reliable supply chain to protect against product shortages. We are always looking for innovative, unique presentations that enhance safety or reduce the number of steps required to administer.
We partner with our customers to ensure their specific needs are met, holding ourselves to the highest standards, so that we can deliver compounded sterile 503B products from our FDA-inspected facility that exceed expectations.